Shaping kindness, understanding and a child friendly dialogue on how to interact with children with disabilities are key features in establishing true inclusion opportunities for children with disabilities. The customization of these beautiful books allows for each child’s story to be told and heard in a voice that truly represents how beautifully unique each child is – regardless of their strengths and weaknesses. They also provide the foundation for a dialogue about disability and inclusion with siblings, relatives and even classrooms. Amy D., special educator

There’s a great quote that says “I thought I’d have to teach my child about the world instead I have to teach the world about my child”.  This small, sweet book has helped my daughter and her friends appreciate and understand her brother.  Renee R., Mother of 2

As special educator, as well as having grown up with a sister with Special needs, I cannot think of a better way for a family to come together to write and design a book describing the wonderful ways their siblings see the world and interact with it.  I highly recommend choosing this book and the website makes it easy to complete.  Chrissy M, Director of EI at ABC Cody Gifford House

Can see writer is deeply connected to person writing about.  Humanizes and personalizes the main characters who has a disability pointing out to readers where their commonality with him/her lies, which is a sure way to bring those readers to not only empathize with the main character but also perhaps to view their own lives and selves from a new and more expanded and appreciative perspective.  Editor, Book Baby

As a pediatric OT, I recommend this book for many of my families.  The language and way the book describes the strengths and challenges the child has is so well done and easy for a child to understand and relate to their own world.  It also makes it easier as a parent to talk to their child about their sibling and the challenges they may encounter.  Erin L, OT

In our Congregational School we teach our children through the lens of Jewish Values. We aim to inspire the next generation of students to approach each and every person they meet with kindness, respect and true passion for warmly welcoming others into our community. Erica’s book helped give living meaning to our mission in guiding our students and their families in how to embrace and befriend those with diverse needs and abilities. This book is an incredible resource for those school leaders and families looking to break down the walls that divide us, restrict some or limit our communities from full inclusion. Rabbi Melissa, Director of Lifelong Learning, Temple Israel of the City of New York

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