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    Stories from the Heart: My Heart Books helping children with special needs connect to others

    UPPER EAST SIDE — It’s one mom’s mission to help normalize kids with special needs to others.

    She’s doing it through customized books that are building unique relationships. Erica Blit says “My Heart Books” are not just a business, it’s her life.

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    A Mom Created Custom Books to Help Explain Kids' Special Needs to Other Kids

    Erica Blit is a mom of two who sometimes feels like she’s “living in two different worlds” — her 11-year-old son, Brandon, has special needs, while her 7-year-old daughter, Skylar, is “typically developing.” Despite their differences, Brandon and Skylar spend tons of time together, and Erica was finding it difficult to explain Brandon’s differences to Skylar and her friends, which is how she came up with the idea for My Heart Books, custom children’s books that parents and kids can create about someone they love with special needs…

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    How The Passion Of One Special Needs Mom Turned Into A Heart Centered Business

    New York City Mom Erica Blit is one of those people you meet and immediately feel as if you’ve just come in contact with an angel. She’s kind, funny, and no nonsense – just the sort of person you’d come to if you were in need. Which is why she was the perfect person to get straight to work when her 7-year-old ‘typically developing’ daughter Skylar, wanted to be able to explain to her friends why her brother Brandon was different…

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    My Heart Books – Connecting Neurotypical and Special Needs Children

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could find new ways to create greater understanding and acceptance of special needs children in the mainstream community? Nearly one-fifth of all Americans—more than 54 million men, women and children—have a physical, sensory or intellectual disability, according to the National Organization on Disability. Startlingly, a new report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 15% of American children have developmental disabilities such as autism and ADHD…

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    Book Nook: My Heart Books

    My Heart Books, creator of the first and only fully customizable books about someone you know with special needs is launching a collection of children’s books for all families about people with various disabilities. After the success of their custom books (which include the person’s name, dedication page, up to two personal pictures, custom characters, and their own story), many parents of “typically” developing children have requested books as well. They expanded their inventory to include pre-made books so that all children could learn about differences and become accepting of them….

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    Westchester Mom on a Mission to Make Children's Books More Inclusive

    Children are notoriously curious, asking questions such as “Why are the trees green?” and “Why is the sky blue?” But Erica Blit, a Harrison resident and mother of two, was posted a more difficult question by her daughter Skylar before she reached her second birthday: “Why doesn’t Brandon talk?”….

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    Interview with Erica Blit, Creator of My Heart Books, Personalized Books for Children with Different Abilities

    Do you have a child with a disability? Have you had trouble finding the right book for your child or student? Check out My Heart Books, which is a business that began with one mom’s idea to help her family and teach others about her child with multiple disabilities.

  • Spectrum News NY1 "Live at Ten," "In Focus"

    Mother Creates Custom Books To Help Children With Special Needs

    It’s disability pride month a time when the need for understanding and empathy are at a premium and the experts agree it all starts with children to that end our guest created My Heart Books a series designed to teach children about those with disabilities and how they are still very much like them…

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    myFace Community member Erica Blit is mother to 14-year-old son Brandon, who was born with MED13L, which resulted in an underdeveloped jaw, cleft palate, and other issues. Erica also has a daughter named Skylar, who had questions early on about her brother and his conditions. (Read more about their family’s story here!)

    How one mother’s journey with a child who has craniofacial differences led to the creation of “My Heart Books”